Wednesday, October 22, 2008

first pair of climbing shoes

We are very proud to announce that after months and months of searching, shoes that were too loose, and even a few that were too tight...we found the perfect climbing shoes for Jess, and thanks to the generosity of several friends willing to break the mold and use our R.E.I wedding registry, we were able to order them Monday night. Upon our arrival home from Randy's grand opening Costco party tonight, we came across a beautiful little brown box which, to our delight, contained Jess's very first ever pair of climbing shoes. The 5.10 Gambit. (HA HA kind of like the X-Men hero that Jessica secretly had a crush on when she was little and her brothers made her watch X-Men but secretly her little nine year old self couldn't wait to watch the animated character which shot playing cards at the enemy). They're a fabulous green color with a touch of glittering bling! They even look a bit like skater shoes which adds yet another brownie point on the shoes' behalf.

a new jessica

That's right folks. It was on a whim and just for fun. We figured it probably wouldn't happen much when the kids start dyed her hair brown. Havana brown to be exact and she absolutely loves it!

Friday, October 10, 2008

fall conference 2008

Jared and I loved conference for the first time together this last weekend in our first home together. We were watching it online though, and the signal cut in and out, so we ended up catching many of the talks late on Sunday night. We were thrilled to be able to listen to the prophets and apostles of the Lord and we both witnessed that the mantle of the Prophet of God on the earth has certainly descended onto the shoulders on President Thomas S. Monson. Between the Sunday sessions, we were able to watch the video detailing President Monson's life and it was interesting to learn how this servant of the Lord was prepared for what was to come from the time he was born. He is truly a prophet of God we were inspired by his words and encouragement to love one another no matter the circumstance and to live a Christ-like life. One of our favorite talks was that of Elder Joseph Bitner Wirthlin. What a wonderful man of God he is. We loved his challenge to take more time to laugh throughout our lives and to as President Hinckley once said, "stop seeking the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight." We have been in Pocatello for a month now, today, and we are loving it. Between the two of us, we are working five jobs. Jared took a part time maintenance job and I am so proud of him for working so hard to support our family. I am now working full time for Virginia Transformer Corporation, which is an electrical transformer plant and repair shop. I've never had a job where I had to wear safety glasses outside before! :) I am also working for Down East Basics, a clothing company that makes adorable but modest clothing, and am excited to move up in that company. Pocatello is becoming more and more beautiful as we approach winter. The forecast for tonight and tomorrow is that the sky is said to drop over 6 inches of powder and although we can't wait for the holiday season, we aren't sure if we're ready for snow! To everything there is a season. Jared's sister Becky and her husband Paul came into town yesterday, so Jared and I, Randy and Tara, and Becky all went to lunch and it was great to spend time with family. We are excited to be closer to them. Happy Autumn!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

new temples

For all those of you who may have missed conference this weekend, they announced five new temples which are to be built in the coming months and years. Although we are thrilled for all five of them, two of them are extra special, the Canada Calgary Temple and the Rome Italy Temple. Jessica's brother served in the Canada Calgary Mission and her mother, father, step-father, and dear friend all served missions in Italy. The Rome Italy Temple also means that the members in Croatia will have a temple more easily accessible, as it will now only take them 11 hours instead of the four day bus trip. The Standard of Truth has been erected! No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing; until the great Jehovah shall say "The work is done!" HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!

@ home in pocatello

So it's October and we've finally posted the rest of the wedding pictures. Well, maybe not all of them as there were over a thousand, but at least the favorites. As many of you know, Jared and I moved to Pocatello, Idaho about three weeks ago, and we've been asked numerous times..."What do you guys see in that place?" But we LOVE it here. We live in the avenues or the University Neighborhood Historic District just north of ISU(Idaho State University). Our ward is a wonderful mix of newlyweds, newly-parents, newly-parents with teenagers, and even a few newly-youth challenged individuals, and we absolutely adore it. In fact, our Relief Society President's husband was Kresimir Cosic's college room mate at BYU so I've loved hearing stories about the Croatian Basketball great who did so much to bring the church to his country. We are the second Tolman family in the ward, as the second counselor in the newly called bishopric is a Tolman, and although we are no relation, it sure does make a great conversation starter. Jared is working at Great Harvest as a Baker there and had this to say about it..."It could very possibly be the coolest job I've ever had!" So there you have it..the coolest job ever. He brings home as many loaves of bread as we can I certainly agree with the "coolest job ever" sentiment. He is also working at the Holiday Inn but that one isn't quite as preferred as the previous. I am still looking, but I've interviewed with some great companies and we'll see where it goes from there. Jared is also setting routes at the rock wall at ISU which is fabulous because it means that he and I get to climb for free. Right now I am working on grabbing onto the rope with both hands and trusting Jared to bring me down in one piece. Jared is a wonderful coach and I am very proud to announce that I can come down without bursting into tears! :) The leaves are changing and the smell of rain is in the air. What a beautiful time of year! Jared and I also enjoyed going to the Idaho Falls temple last week for a session and it is a beautiful "Temple on the River." Jared's brother Randy, wife and kids just joined us here in the marvelous Portneuf Valley and we helped unload the U-Haul last night. We are looking forward to having family and best friends so close. Until next good, or be good at it!

wedding day pictures