Sunday, August 17, 2008

reception pictures

We finally received our wedding pictures. So sorry for the delay, but my amazing photographer cousin Janet who made remembering the whole day possible, had a bit of a sick computer, so we want to thank her and her son David for their incredible work and for the time that they have taken to give us these beautiful pictures. Thanks so much Janet! We love you! We hope y'all love them as much as we do.....and thanks to everyone who was able to share this incredible day with us!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a day in the life of the tolmans

So, Jared and I are living in St. George where Jared works at Costco and Target and I work at Southern Utah Home Care and Hospice. We both like our jobs but that's what they really We would rather be out playing! When we have a free moment, we go climbing or to a dollar movie or out to Thai food, and lately, we've become addicted to the show "Heroes." We've been trying to watch the complete first two seasons before the third season starts so we don't miss anything. But we were certainly happy when we were done with the first season so that we could stop being zombies and start living like real people again! Here are just a few pictures we've taken over the last several some of our wierder moments!

twin falls

I have yet to write anything about our trip to Jared's old stomping grounds of Twin Falls, Idaho. We had so much fun. Jared and I packed up Belle(our beautiful eurovan) and drove all night through Nevada, snacking on flaming hot cheetos and gatorade! yummy! and we only had a few more hours till the sun came up by the time we finally arrived, so we camped out in the back of the van. It was super neat to see all of the places that Jared calls home...the houses he lived in, the schools he went too, etc... and we were even able to go climbing with Corey, where Jared worked on one of his current problems. Friday night we headed out to Murtaugh Lake where we met up with his brothers and sisters and set up our van-tent and everything...goodness sakes...Jared's incredible at that stuff. Then Saturday morning, the rest of the Tolman clan joined us for an incredible day of boating. The new thing they do is surfing on the wake just behind the boat and Jared did a fabulous job. Of course I was a pansey and didn't want to try, but I am very proud to announce that after almost all day in the boat, I asked Jared for his lifejacket and jumped in the lake. Jared and Randy did a great job coaching me and saving me from the attack of the killer lake-weeds and yes, the rumors are true. I did in fact get up on the surf board. I know. I know. Everyone else was surprised too. but I did it! That night we had a beautiful open house that Karla and Reba put so much into. Thanks moms!!! => We were also able to attend the Twin Falls Temple open house. What a beautiful temple that is. Even the detailing in the framing is reminiscent of the canyon that runs through the middle of the valley. It was absolutely exquisite! Jared also took me to see an up-close waterfall. And of course there was a behind-the-waterfall kiss! Sunday afternoon, Jared took us to see Sho-Shone Falls, which, from what I hear, are the tallest falls in the United States. We added just a few pictures of our trip. Hope you enjoy them.

Monday, August 4, 2008


yay!!! we're newlyweds!