Monday, September 14, 2009

Pocatello Pump

I am very pleased to announce that Jared placed third in the Pocatello Pump {a national climbing competition} yesterday even though he didn't climb on Sunday {which was necessary to win}! We are so proud of him! Way to stick up for what you believe in Love! I love you!

Zoe...three weeks old

Zoe has amazed us yet again! She was lifting her head on her own the day she was born and this week, she started lifting her head and legs at the same time. Saturday morning, as Jess was getting Zoe warmed up after her bath, she completely flipped over and we thought "wow, that probably won't happen again." But Saturday night, Jared and I woke up at 4 in the morning to find that our power had gone out. Thinking it was a tripped breaker, we laid Zoe on her back and went out to the garage to see what we could find out. Well, it wasn't a breaker and after calling Idaho Power, we found out that our neighborhood was in the dark. When we got back to bed, not even two minutes later, we found Zoe flat on her tummy! Yep! She rolls over at not even three weeks! Super exciting but rather scary as we will be keeping a VERY close eye on her every move from now on! We've also discovered that Zoe LOVES bath time, or rather, shower time. Jess loved taking showers when she was pregnant because it helped with the nausea, and now whenever Zoe even hears the shower water turn on, she gets really quiet and looks super content! And she loves the shower water running over her. She is so gorgeous and is such a good baby. We are so blessed that she is a part of our family!

Zoe in the shower with dad

"almost" rolling over

State Fair

This week, Junae and Jared and Zoe and I went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Jared made sure that Junae and I tried the infamous Idahoan "Elephant Ears" and we enjoyed delicious candied and carmel apples. We also went to the petting zoo, saw dogs that jump in the air and catch frisbees, and saw some amazingly large vegetgables, courtesy of the FFA {Future Farmers of America}!

Junae and Zoe at the petting zoo

Jared and his dream puppy {someday love...I promise}

petting a baby goat

amazing flying dogs

the largest pumpkin we've ever seen!

Zoe...two weeks old

At two weeks, Zoe is more adorable than ever! She is definitely a snuggler and can really only sleep if mom or dad are holding her. She is especially adorable when she wants to eat. She just opens wide and tries to find where her food might be and sometimes ends up shaking her head back and forth with her mouth open because she's just too tired to find it. She also "jumps" whenever we burp her. We aren't sure if the recurrent taps surprise her or maybe it's the sound, but her whole body startles whenever we do it. She just gets cuter by the day! We love her so much!

Uncle Jordan

Auntie Lo

Gramma Martha

Sarah designed and made this adorable princess outfit for says "little princess" on the bum :D

Labor Day 2009

Jessica's dad, stepmom, sisters and brother, and Jared's mom and stepdad were with us for Labor Day this year so we spent the day at Ross Park doing a little climbing. Everyone did so well. Jordan scaled the wall like a champ and Martha made it to the top {even with a bad hip and BAREFOOT}!

Jordan victorious



safe on the ground again


Jess's Dad

Jordan enjoying the view

Jess's dad and his motorcycle {which he drove all the way from St. George}

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

our first week with Zoe

Our first week with Zoe has been full of sleepless nights, changing diapers, and feeding frenzies, but we wouldn't trade it for the world! She is so adorable and is such a good baby! How thrilled we are to be her mom and dad!!!

the prettiest baby I ever saw

such a sleepy face

still so tiny

perfectly content

her adoring dad

admiring the grass

she was freezing by the end of her "photoshoot"

she was such a little trooper

our little family

what a beautiful baby

"how much longer"

two beautiful girls

baby Zoe and aunt Junae

very tired mom and baby

Grampa Mike

Nonna and Zoe

trying to smile

she looks just like her daddy

our little thinker