Wednesday, April 29, 2009

trip to nampa

well we have been having one heck of a time Jessica's heart has been acting up again. Jessica has what is called Wolfe Parkinson's white this is where her heart try's and beats a 150 to 200 beats a min , this can really wear some one out. right before she went on her mission she had surgery done on her heart witch seamed to take care of it.
but now that she is growing a baby and her heart has been working twice as hard to take care of the baby it has come back . she will most likely need surgery again once the baby is born , it is a crazy time for us but we know everything will turn out okay Jess has quit her job to help keep her heart beat down and stays at home taking it easy . this last week we traveled with randy and Tara to Nampa and had a chance to spend some time with my family which was really nice i also got to show Jess where i leaved when i got home.

this is a picture of Jessica in font of the Boise Temple.